Our build-your-own audience tool allows you and your team to build custom Audiences quickly for personalized targeting. With our easy-to-use-tool, you'll gain access to essential customer behaviors, customer fields, and predictive elements to ensure you create impactful Audiences. 

You can access our audience building tool by going to Audiences > Create > Build Your Own. Once there, follow these simple steps below:

To get started:

Step 1: Start your Audience by adding an audience name.

Step 2: Create your first rule by selecting whether you’d like to target based on “Automated Intelligence”, “Behaviors and Actions,” or “Properties”. 

Step 3: Add additional criteria from the drop downs to complete the rule. 

Step 4: If you’re finished, click “Create Audience”. If you’d like to add another rule, click the “And” button or the “Or” button to layer on additional rules before clicking “Create Audience”.

Step 5: Your Custom Audience can now be found under Audiences > My Audiences.

Note: Remember that you can click on any Audience Template to add rules and modify it to fit your needs. Audience Templates can be a great jumping off point for custom audiences. 

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