To create a Custom Activation, you first need to have connected your workspace to a marketing channel or email service provider. 

 If you have not yet connected your workspace to a marketing channel, click here.

If you need more information on what an Activation is, click here.

To get started:

Step 1: Select “Activations” from the left hand navigation. 

Step 2: Click “Create Custom Activation” 

Step 3: Search for the desired Audience (if you don't see it right away).

Step 4: Drag and drop the desired Audience(s) that you'd like to activate to the Activation Creation menu to the right. 

Step 5: Name your Activation and select the account that you would like to link it to. 

Step 6: Toggle on “Automatically sync data changes” to keep your Activations up to date, and select how often you’d like them to update.

Step 7: Click “Create Activation”.

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