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How do I connect to Facebook Ads?
How do I connect to Facebook Ads?

Connect to Facebook Ads to keep your targeting lists up to date and ready for campaigns.

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Facebook is a great way to reach interested shoppers. DataQ makes it easy to keep your audience lists up to date with data directly from your online store. Additionally, you can create lookalike audiences to target customers like your best customers and better allocate marketing dollars by only targeting customers that fall within your segment.

To integrate your online store to Facebook:

When you select Facebook from the integrations menu, you get redirected to your facebook page. To ensure that you have a successful connection, make sure that you go through the checklist below:

  • Log into your facebook business manager account.

  • Give DataQ access to manage your ads, Facebook ads and related ads, and page and app insights. 

Once you set up your Facebook connection, you'll get redirected back to DataQ where you'll see a notification that reads Successfully Connected. Additionally, you'll also receive an email notification letting you know when your data destination has successfully synced. 

Note: Connecting to Facebook Ads does not sync the audiences you created in DataQ to Facebook automatically. To sync audiences created in DataQ to Facebook Ads, you must select the desired audience and add sync. 

To learn how to sync audiences to Facebook, click here.

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