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The two types of roles on DataQ are "Adminstrator" and "User". 

An Administrator has all possible permissions enabled, and is able to access all workspaces under any given account. 

A User has specific permissions set by the Administrator, and may only have access to certain workspaces.

An administrator can choose whether to make other team-members Administrators or Users. In the case of a User, the administrator can decide what specific permissions each User has. 

This can be done either when inviting a new team-member or to an existing team member.

When Inviting a new team member 

To learn how to invite a team member, click here

When inviting a new team member, the administrator can designate the team member as an "Administrator" or a "User". And in the case of a "User", the administrator can toggle on/off the permissions for the new User, as well as assign that user to specific workspaces. 

For an existing team member 

In order to edit the permissions for an existing team member, an administrator can click the workspace name in the top right corner, then go to "Team" and click on an individual team member name.

On the team member page, the role and permissions of an existing user can be changed.  

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