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How do I connect Acoustic Campaign?
How do I connect Acoustic Campaign?

Connect to Acoustic Campaign to keep your relational tables up to date and ready for campaigns.

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Email is a great way to grow your business and strengthen relationships with your customers. Sending personalized emails to high-value audiences that contain products or services that interest them is a great way to turn one-off disruptive emails into engaging experiences for your customers.

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To connect to Acoustic, follow the steps below.

To get started:

Step 1: Select the Integrations option from the navigation menu on the left.

Step 2: Select the Add Integration tab. 

Step 3: Click on the Acoustic panel.  

Step 4: Enter the required information and credentials.

Acoustic Campaign requires the following...

Pod Number
Client ID
Client Secret
Refresh Token

Step 5:  Once connected, you'll get prompted to choose a relational table for DataQ to use with your segments. Select an existing Relational Table from the dropdown. 

Step 6: Select a Key Field from the dropdown. The Key Field is the relational table's unique identifier (UID). For DataQ, this UID needs to be your contact's email address.

Don't know where to find your Pod Number? click here.

Don't know where to find your Client ID, Client Secret or Refresh Token? click here.

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