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Where do I find my Acoustic Campaign Client ID, Client Secret or Refresh Token?
Where do I find my Acoustic Campaign Client ID, Client Secret or Refresh Token?

Find out how to obtain your client id, client secret and refresh token for your IBM API application.

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To connect DataQ to Acoustic Campaign, you'll need to create an IBM API application. You must be an Organization Admin to create and manage API applications on your IBM account.

Create your API Application

Step 1: From within your Acoustic Customer Engagement dashboard, navigate to Organization Settings.

Step 2: Click to expand Application Account Access.

Step 3: Select Add Application.

The next page prompts you for the Name of the Application you are creating access for and a brief description.

Step 4: Enter a name and description that readily identifies which application is connecting to your data in the Acoustic Campaign.

Step 5:  After you click Add, you'll see your Client ID and Client Secret.

Getting Refresh Tokens

To obtain a refresh token, you must associate a user to an application after setting up your application.

Note: Refresh tokens do not expire unless the user's access is revoked from the Organization's Settings for that application.

Step 1: Click to expand Application Account Access if not already expanded.

Step 2: Click on Add Account Access.

Step 3: Choose an Application and user account from the dropdown and click Add.

Step 4: At this point, a token gets created behind the scenes and emailed to the user who created the User Application access request, and to the Principle Organization admin.

This article was taken from IBM's developer documentation: 

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