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How do I sync my purchase data to Acoustic Campaign?
How do I sync my purchase data to Acoustic Campaign?

Sync all your purchases to an Acoustic Campaign relational table.

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You will start by creating a new relational table from your Acoustic Campaign dashboard. Once created, you can start syncing your Data Source purchase data from DataQ.

Create your IBM Acoustic Campaign Relational Table

Step 1: From within your Acoustic Customer Engagement dashboard, navigate to Data.

Step 2: Navigate to Relational Tables and choose Import New from the import dropdown menu.

Step 3: Create a new table with a single column called "line_item_id". You can use our template (purchase-sync-table-template.csv). Upload the csv and click, Next.

Step 4: If you're using our template, make sure to check "First row contains field names" and click, Next.

Step 5: Verify that "line_item_id" is set as "Text" for the Field Type and click, Next.

Step 6: If everything is correct, you can simply click, Next

Step 7: On the next screen you will be prompted to enter your email for a notification of when the table is created. Click Submit to create your relational table.

Enable "Sync Purchase Data to IBM Acoustic Campaign" 

Return to your DataQ dashboard and navigate to your "Integrations" from there select your IBM Acoustic Campaign.

Step 1: Simply click on the toggle switch to turn Purchase Sync on and select your Relational Table and Key Field from the dropdowns. 

Step 2: Once selected click on, Save.

DataQ will now sync all of your purchase data (customer email, customer group, product name, product sku, order created date, order updated date) into the relational table you created. 

This sync runs on the same frequency as any of your online stores. Anytime new purchase information is loaded from any of your online store, it will also be pushed into your IBM Acoustic Campaign relational table.

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