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Customer Demographics with Data Axle
Customer Demographics with Data Axle
Explore your Customer Demographics dashboard to view how your customers compare to U.S. benchmarks.
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The Demographics Overview dashboard will walk you through various metrics that will help you get a better understanding of your customer demographic as it relates to the U.S. population. In this dashboard are breakdowns like household incomes, education levels, gender, and more. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll be able to see a heat map that indicates customer purchase patterns by geographic location.

Data Axle is a market intelligence and data platform that provides detailed information about businesses and consumers, including demographic data such as age, gender, income, and education level. This feature in our application uses Data Axle to give you valuable insights into your clients' customer base by providing you with detailed demographic data on the people who are interacting with their business.

With this new feature, you can view a breakdown of your clients' customers by age, gender, income, and education level. You can also segment your customer base by specific Audience demographics and view the data in a graphical format, such as a pie chart or bar graph. This makes it easier for you to understand who your customers are and how they interact with your clients' business.

Example usage: Let's say you're working with a client who owns a retail store that sells clothing and accessories. With this new feature, you can view a breakdown of the store's customers by age and gender, which can help you identify the store's target audience. You can also segment the data by Audiences to use in campaigns and Activations, with Demographic data to back strategy by target group.

Tips and Best Practices: Here are a few tips and best practices to keep in mind when using this new feature:

  • Use the Audiences feature to get a more detailed understanding of your customers. By viewing Audiences Demographics you can see which groups are most likely to purchase certain products or services based on their collective profile.

  • Make sure to compare the data with industry standards to understand how your client's customer base compares with others in their industry.

Accessing the feature: To access this new feature, simply log into DataQ, pick a workspace, and navigate to the "Demographics" section. This feature is available to all customers with an active subscription.

Troubleshooting: If you experience any issues while using this new feature, please check the following:

  • Verify that your clients' store is connected to their workspace.

  • Make sure that your account has the permission to access the Demographics section of the workspace.

  • If you are experiencing technical issues, please contact our support team for assistance.

Data Axle's data in Demographics will help you develop a deeper understanding of your clients' customer base.

You can view demographic data for your entire store as well as for specific audiences that you create within DataQ. To access audience-specific demographics, select an audience from your list and click on the Demographics tab that's located to the right of your main menu. 

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