Objectives Dashboard

View intelligence metrics and strategic recommendations based on your marketing objectives.

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Store Dashboard

Our Store Dashboard houses high-level KPIs and essential trending data related to your three core objective groups: Growth, Value, and Retention. 

“Growth” relates to your efforts to acquire new customers.

“Value” relates to your efforts to get more value out of existing customers.

“Retention” relates to your efforts to drive repeat purchase behavior and retain customers.

You can use this dashboard as a quick reference for big picture metrics. You can also click "View More" under any objective for detailed analysis and data-driven audience recommendations.

Individual Objective Overview

By clicking ‘View More’ under one of the three objectives, you can view an Overview Dashboard for that specific objective. This dashboard will include more detailed metrics related to that objective, as well algorithmically driven analysis and recommendations aimed at helping you achieve your goals.  

Cross-Objective Analysis

At the bottom of each Objective Overview page, you’ll find a button that leads you to the Cross-Objective Analysis page. This page provides you with detailed information on a given objective as it relates to another one of the objectives, showing you essential metrics related to the interplay between the two. 

Just like the Objective Overview page, this page generates algorithmically driven analysis and recommendations that can help guide your campaign strategy. 

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